wanna go back to camp desoto

 My niece Mary Margaret & sister Kathleen after MM's month at Camp DeSoto.
 Our crew that shortly got back in the blue van and road 6 hours home. There were some "pulling over the car" moments.
ruthie on the steps of MM's cabin-she said "this camp is cool"
Kristen Mullen of Crumb's fab cake that MM's mother-in-law ordered for her welcome back.

My sister, me, her 2 kids & my 2 kids went to pick up her 3rd kid at CAMP this past week. She has been at Camp DeSoto (in Mentone, AL) this past MONTH. Kathleen (sister) has written her everyday & Mary Margaret has been ever present in her mind. Special K chilled out once she got THE LETTER from MM, the one that said it was the happiest she had ever been! Wow. And that MM couldn't wait to get home to teach her family how to compost & to do stitchery.

I went to camp desoto as a camper & worked there one summer. It stirred up all sorts of memories being back there. I still have close friendships from camp. And got to see one of my fave people-Jennifer Miller. We lived together in Chattanooga & used to have the best laughing fits together. She went through treatment for Hodgkin's disease while we lived together, I still remember laughing with her in the middle of this tough season of her life. She's one of a kind. She works full time at this camp & is really using God's gifts & following his plan for her. It is neat to see people where they fit.

I have told Tim I want to set up a special bank account to save to send the kids to Camp Desoto for Ruthie & Alpine for Henry. He thinks I'm crazy.

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