sista meg is 40

My older sista Meg holding Ruthie. This is one of my fave pics of her. Our big sisters are always good about grabbing our babies when we need a baby break.

I painted this for Meg's bday. She can handle funky-she likes color! And is a big U2 fan, in particular this song. I vividly remember her telling me that this song (it's a beautiful day) helped her in her postpartum funk. It was a serious funk. I remember feeling helpless when she had to go through this after her kids. She's an open book, she would tell you about it. And totally uses whatever she has gone through to help others.

Once you meet Meg, you know Meg-she's 100% herself. She's the one you want when you are in a crisis-she fixes things. She's not afraid to get in other people's messes & walk with them through it. She loves my kids just as I do. She gets Henry, she lets him play with her iphone. She is a great sister to me & picks up cute bargain finds for me just because.

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Fuller Family said...

I just saw this, you are so sweet!!! I have been so crazy busy lately. I love my painting by the way.