if this isn't nice

recognize when you are happy! ruthie will sometimes pop out with "this is a good day"-meaning she is having fun at the moment. Because I like to recap our day at night time-saying "today was a good day-right?", talking about the high points (playing with friends, eating a doughnut, poo-poo'ing on the potty). sometimes i miss these happy moments because I think that happy is supposed to hit me over the head.

things that are making me happy:
-tim caving & letting us eat at the mexican restaurant last night (this typically is not enjoyable for him). i love people bringing me food while i sit.
-hearing henry & ruthie play together today in the mcdon's playland. henry singing to  ruthie "don't be scared, don't be scared", while Ruthie is screaming to me AYUDAME, AYUDAME (help me per Dora).
-the baby in my tummy, we are expecting #3!!! that should be at the top, i realize this. God has given us a surprise, answered the prayer I have whispered to Him. I feel blessed beyond what we should be allowed. I am due March 11. I needed to tell Tim in a creative way (note along with beer placed in the garage) so that he would not stroke out on me. He's a CPA, he thinks he's old, I can kinda gloss over the sleepless nights-they still haunt him. He's all on board now, looking for a bigger car and all.
-the caramel cake in my fridge (as shown below). i went straight to the piggly wiggly to purchase after watching The Help. It reminds me of Heloise, who made the BEST caramel cake evah. She surely helped us growing up-she was the best cook & kept mama sane. Mom with 4 girls and dad working alot. She is one of the first people I want to find in heaven, I will need to tell her a real thank-you. I took her for granted, she passed away when I was 16 before I fully realized all she did for us. Heloise's cousin-Christine owns Christine's Back Porch in Canton. And on Tuesdays she serves the best fried pork chops. Each day is great, but the pork chops are how Heloise used to cook hers too. Go try them.
-the boiled peanuts i made yesterday, the first time & they turned out perfecto (rare). i'm pretty sure ruthie & i ate the pound by ourselves.
-thinking about MadMen starting soon.
-the way tim made me a new egg-n-toast after this happened to mine. it was really nice of him. 


ches said...

so EXCITED for you! what an incredible blessing! hugs and love-chesley

Jessica & Clif Barnes said...

OMG!!! I'm so excited for y'all! Three is crazy and busy but oh so much fun too!

Fuller Family said...

I love this post and I love you!!!