crafting weekend report

 mandy, sarah (rita) & baby wren, christy & me. we gathered in Starkville for a craft weekend & we hadn't all been there together in 11 years. it was a wonderful weekend. I would recommend this for your girlfriends. We didn't spend money shopping & we had more time to visit, sitting around the table together.
 I'll walk u thru the crafts we did:

CRAFT 1: paint sample book mark
above: paint sample bookmarks, a way better tutorial here. Very straightforward.
PROJECT 2: drip paintings

Super smart Mandy, got us started by buying inexpensive thrift store paintings $3-5 each & she spray painted the frames to give us an easy start.
we painted our solid backgrounds and then started squirting the paint. Mandy had put paint in old-fashioned squirt bottle condiment containers to make for easy application.
 We'd paint a bit & then hold the painting upright to let it drip down. No real mess-ups with this one & it was the MOST FUN project. Wren is in the background overseeing our crafting.
Mandy's cross.
My cross.
christy's tree.

 Sarah Brashier's angels. It says, "my heart is full".
 My little wooden frames that needed some drip!
PROJECT 3: flip-flop re-do

 These fabric flowers were Sarah/Rita's-so cute. But this was the end of the night & there was a little push-back and smack talk going around. We were pooped. You could put them on a headband, shirt or on your flip-flops. One way to make them is here.

So you start with a basic flip-flip & cut off the plastic straps & put in fabric T-shirt strips in. Again, a fab tutorial is here. This was a cute one, but my flip-flop did have a blow-out in the gas station on my way home from the craft weekend. I almost gagged because i had to walk out barefoot from the BP. Sad because no one was there to laugh with me. I think it was a matter of having my strap too tight, I'm sure this wouldn't happen to your flip-flops.
PROJECT 4: origami lanterns
  This one was led by our craft minx: Christy. Mandy gave her that name, she slyly led a very cool craft & brought her ARTSY! They were origami balloon lanterns.
 A origami how-to is here.
whipped topping for our coffee-sarah b's touch.
baby wren and me when he got up from his nap. he gets the sweetest baby award. he totally was in the mix and was so easy going.

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Sarah Brashier said...

when can we do it again?!! thanks for organizing!! :)