ROBOT party

so little henry turned 4 & we had a ROBOT party. He requested a roller skating robot party, but we settled on a robot party. We've been dancing the robot, talking about robots, building robots, etc. for the past couple months. I get a little crazy-I can't get a grip. it is complete fun for me.
So my starting point for Henry's 4th bday was to start spraying painting all in sight SILVER, to raid Tim's utility closet, & purchase home improvement items I had no idea what their actual purpose was.

 Marshmallow/pretzel craft: Build your own robot (& eat it of course). Marshmallows are like crack to Henry.
Robot foam beads from oriental trading & others from Michael's.
Can you see tell how large this cake is? I started with the body & everything else had to be in proportion. I think some children were afraid of it when I brought it out.

It was easy to make. I used loaf pans, 9x12 & square pan to make the body. I decorated with sprinkle (to hide my icing job) & various green/blue candy. I used colored marshmallow creme for the icing (not completely ideal), but again Henry luvs m-mallows. cake tip: I made all the "pieces" beforehand and froze them & pulled them out a couple of days before.
My white IKEA picture frames-not sold online =(  you'll see those again.
 Our girl & boy robot!!! Thanks to my stash of USPS mailing boxes they came to life.
 jello in clear cups with duct-taped spoons.
one of the favors: some flashing things I found at $ tree & added the sticker & "necklace" string. Also gave wind-up robots (oriental trading) & pop rocks. 
we had a robot part hunt in the backyard. i divided the group up boys/girls & they found hidden robot parts (random silver painted objects: yogurt containers, tin & aluminum cans, etc.).

afterwards, the bigger kids tapes their parts together and made ghost buster backpack things. my sweet uncle pat was the ringleader & thankfully did not melt.


Sarah Brashier said...

I LOVE IT!! Sarah you are amazing!!!

rebekah gray said...

I love it too! Didnt know the other comment was from sarah! We must both have great taste! :)

Sarah Largen said...

Thanks wren sistas! Love ya!