craft weekend

So I couldn't decide on an image. But the point is...I am having a crafting weekend with 3 of my best friends from college. I am sooooo looking forward to it. I got inspired from meg from whatever (who is my friend but does not realize it).

So each of these girls are super-creative and have inspired me throughout knowing them. Their creativity goes beyond craftin'...it spreads to the way they approach motherhood, how they dress!, how they make their homes unique & homey, how they love God in their different walks, & how they view life. We wish we lived closer, had more time to talk, but will always have a little thread connecting us. We make a point to get together once a year, it used to be quarterly around each other's birthday (pre-kids).

Funny....Christy (who in her defense does has 4 kids) missed that it was a crafting weekend and freaked a bit last week when she realized this. She's got it under control now.

I'll keep you posted. Gosh, knowing us-we may peter out and go shopping, but our plan is to each bring a new craft/art project and show each other how to make it.

(BTW, in case you were concerned...there is nothing wrong with my arm. In pictures, sometimes I do this weirdo thing with my arm-literally I remember a jr. high dance picture with this same bent-up arm going on).

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rebekah gray said...

Its me.... your best friend wanna be/blog stalker. This sounds like a super fun time!! Hope you teach Sarah some cute crafts she can pass on to me! You'll have to ask her about the shirt she sewed for herself.... :) hmmmm, now I'm wondering where she is leaving that brood of hers. Hope its Batesville!!