craft weekend

So I couldn't decide on an image. But the point is...I am having a crafting weekend with 3 of my best friends from college. I am sooooo looking forward to it. I got inspired from meg from whatever (who is my friend but does not realize it).

So each of these girls are super-creative and have inspired me throughout knowing them. Their creativity goes beyond craftin'...it spreads to the way they approach motherhood, how they dress!, how they make their homes unique & homey, how they love God in their different walks, & how they view life. We wish we lived closer, had more time to talk, but will always have a little thread connecting us. We make a point to get together once a year, it used to be quarterly around each other's birthday (pre-kids).

Funny....Christy (who in her defense does has 4 kids) missed that it was a crafting weekend and freaked a bit last week when she realized this. She's got it under control now.

I'll keep you posted. Gosh, knowing us-we may peter out and go shopping, but our plan is to each bring a new craft/art project and show each other how to make it.

(BTW, in case you were concerned...there is nothing wrong with my arm. In pictures, sometimes I do this weirdo thing with my arm-literally I remember a jr. high dance picture with this same bent-up arm going on).

sock monkey for Jacob

This was for my friend Angel's little boy on the way. She is going to hang it on her hospital room door.

martha mood's textiles

I recently got semi-obsessed with this artist's work-Martha Mood (1908-1972) & I want to see more of it. Thought you'd may like too. It makes me want to experiment with fabric. It has got a homey, 70's feel to it-a touch groovy too.


livingston farmer's market

If you are in the area, please put this down. We went last night & it was fab: music, honey, jams, tomatoes, water slide thingy, Parlor Market cooking demo, wine tasting. I would recommend. Low key and perfect for the fam. Just keep driving down 463 west until it intersects with HWY 22.

wish, i had designed the poster/logo, but did not. i want to know who did-love it.

Thursdays from 4-8 PM, June 2 - October 13, 2011

henry & tim

henry & tim. 2 peas in a pod. henry will come to tim's side of the bed first in the middle of the night. the first thing henry asks when he wakes up "where's da-da" & then I say "at work", then henry starts crying. every morning.

henry is playing soccer in the fall, tim is really into soccer-STILL PLAYS! He just got him a soccer net the other day to prep.

so henry is not really a mama's boy, more of daddy's boy. now ruthie on the other hand...

balloon sticks

The things I think you have to know about...I used these at Henry's party & will continue to...Loved them. I didn't have to make a morning dash to the grocery story for helium balloons. I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but they are way cheaper here.



beautiful books

I always stop in front of this display at B&N. I want to grab all these books for my shelf. Really only for my shelf, not to read. I have bought up some 1950's Readers Digest condensed books for this purpose-to look pretty on a shelf. That condensed book concept makes me laugh, I'm sure these authors love having their work chopped down and squished up with some other books into 1 book.

The Penguin Classics Hardcover series, designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith. 


ROBOT party

so little henry turned 4 & we had a ROBOT party. He requested a roller skating robot party, but we settled on a robot party. We've been dancing the robot, talking about robots, building robots, etc. for the past couple months. I get a little crazy-I can't get a grip. it is complete fun for me.
So my starting point for Henry's 4th bday was to start spraying painting all in sight SILVER, to raid Tim's utility closet, & purchase home improvement items I had no idea what their actual purpose was.

 Marshmallow/pretzel craft: Build your own robot (& eat it of course). Marshmallows are like crack to Henry.
Robot foam beads from oriental trading & others from Michael's.
Can you see tell how large this cake is? I started with the body & everything else had to be in proportion. I think some children were afraid of it when I brought it out.

It was easy to make. I used loaf pans, 9x12 & square pan to make the body. I decorated with sprinkle (to hide my icing job) & various green/blue candy. I used colored marshmallow creme for the icing (not completely ideal), but again Henry luvs m-mallows. cake tip: I made all the "pieces" beforehand and froze them & pulled them out a couple of days before.
My white IKEA picture frames-not sold online =(  you'll see those again.
 Our girl & boy robot!!! Thanks to my stash of USPS mailing boxes they came to life.
 jello in clear cups with duct-taped spoons.
one of the favors: some flashing things I found at $ tree & added the sticker & "necklace" string. Also gave wind-up robots (oriental trading) & pop rocks. 
we had a robot part hunt in the backyard. i divided the group up boys/girls & they found hidden robot parts (random silver painted objects: yogurt containers, tin & aluminum cans, etc.).

afterwards, the bigger kids tapes their parts together and made ghost buster backpack things. my sweet uncle pat was the ringleader & thankfully did not melt.



Freedom. I am certainly thankful for the selfless soldiers who have fought for our freedom. And during Sunday's sermon, this IMPORTANT type of freedom was coupled with another thought: in Christ we are free...free from the social norms & worries of this world, which in my case are: insecurities, being envious of beautiful homes in very sociable neighborhoods, wondering if our school selection is right, hoping my kids will love Jesus (OK, this one is legit), worrying that everyone else has lots of wonderfully close couple friends & are involved in all sorts of fun activities with them. Geez. I am a silly girl & I pray everyday God will take distractions from me & so that I will focus on being free in HIM. Free me up to serve Him, and to make use of my life & my time here.