I mentioned earlier, I headed up decorations for the VBS at our church. We have about 500 kids who come through each year & when they asked me-I really had to think/pray about it. Really I didn't want to pray about it because I didn't want to say yes. Glad God helped me say yes. 

He gave me the 2 best co-chairs EVER. They were detailed, hardworking & so willing to help. It got kinda dicey when I would tote the kids up there with me to work, I would just hope no one official from the church would walk into our "room"-with Ruthie no shirt on & paint all over her & Henry standing & jumping off the snack table over & over. My freelance graphic design work stayed manageable, which was a blessing-no new big projects during this time period. I know God was helping me along the way. I have loved being part of something big. Loved working with sweet friends, laughing, painting & talking. God has been good to me. A sweet reminder that when He asks us to do something, He'll make it happen & fill you up more than you give away. 

I was filled up on Monday morning when I overheard a little girl seeing the VBS decorations for the first time...say, mama, this is weird-I like it.

Below are some iphone pics I took today. Not fabulous. But I feel kinda weird, walking around taking pictures of my own decorations with my official camera. 

Theme is "Inside Out & Upside Down on Main Street".

Pray for these kids this week, that the Bible lessons & music will stick with them.

I read this book, while prepping for VBS, it was such a beautiful reminder, "Jesus loves the little children".
God worked in my heart & made me a happy volunteer with message. Would recommend it.

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