each year my fam goes to the beach. my fave time of the year. 18 of us all together: my sisters, husbands, kids & parents. i get post-beach depression. I tote beachy things home: driftwood, shells, etc. Will share pics soon of some beach creations. It is hectic, relaxing, fast, low-key all at once. We eat lots of ice cream, a family cooks each night (us=fish tacos), there are spats (glad we aren't pouters), some spazzy dancing pre-dinnertime, my sisters & I delve into high-gear deep conversations in a stolen time away from the little ones (a 15 min. walk down the beach). 

love the sleepy time in the morning as the preteen kids are still snoozing and kiddos are patiently waiting to get to the beach.
ruthie & her cousin (and keeper) elizabeth. i overhear elizabeth say, "now, say yes m'am, ruthie", "say please first"...

the lone picture i got of these 2 together with their perfectly fabulous artificial smiles. no matter-i got it.
the youngest ones: charlie & ruthie getting crazy on picture night.
highlight of the trip, pushing the buttons on the elebator.

They surprise me sometimes & they sure did with their love of the water, considering they seemed tortured by their swim lessons last month. Ruthie would attack the water, slapping her little body down. She would say she was a mermaid & then wiggle her little booty while she swam.

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