hard to believe i'm a mom. i had no idea how hard it is, how great it is, how much God would teach me. usually i feel like everyone is doing it better than me, like they are somehow receiving some intel that i am not privy to. these are some of my recent faves.

drinking coffee in the car from henry's sippy cup. in the sunday morning rush, the most accessible one available.

 ruthie finding a new purpose for oven mitts.

henry with his magic marker beard.

ruthie after her easter chocolate.
ruthie helping me with vbs decorations.
after a cuckoo day, i treated myself to a 5:00 wine & cheese on the veranda. that is wine out of a coffee mug. i needed a calgon moment & eating some fancy cheese & wine took me to a less chaotic place.

this song gives me perspective on my crazy moments as a mom, as a human living in our temporary home.

happy mom's day.

say a special prayer for those who are waiting to be moms & waiting on their little ones. and those who've had to say goodbye to their moms too soon.

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