dallas with polly

wanted to share pics from our visit to dallas to see my little sis-Polly & her 2 boys: William & Charlie. one of the highlights was the DALLAS ARBORETUM. Magical. the kiddos loved it. i loved it. a glimpse of heave on earth. dramatic, i know-but it really was.
big ole bunny made of pine straw.
william & charlie in back & my 2 in the front. charlie & ruthie are a couple months apart.

this entire hut was made of potted flowers.
the best we got of the crew. henry is always doing this own thing anyway, so kinda fitting.

ruthie looking like my son, i did not pack weather appropriate attire for miss priss.

said this before, but my sisters are the biggest blessing in my life. polly & i shared a room all growing up, until I graduated from high school. i hated sleeping by myself, i am a scardy cat. the meanest thing she could do to me growing up, would not let me sleep in her bed & I'd have to go down the hall and sleep in my bed by myself & sing amy grant songs to myself all night long to keep the boogey man away.

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