made me laugh

okay, typically wal-mart commercials are lame, but these new TV spots make me laugh-especially this one. since I'm wondering what i should be slathering on my face coming up on 35.


baby monogram

Trio of canvases I painted for a Largen Design client of mine. Got them there just in time, the evening before she was being induced.

mother's day request

This was a gift request from Paige for her mother-in-law. Mom to two boys. Hard to tell, but it is a layering of fabric & watercolor paper on a canvased-centered with a paper flower.

wedding watercolors

Have friends tell me often that in the bride's thank-you note, this gift was their favorite. They can't possibly say that in every note-right? Regardless, I love hearing this!

may projects

 Above is a painting I did for a grad gift for a dorm room. Incorporating things close to her heart: music, volleyball & her faith.

 Above a christening gift commissioned by Amanda!

Above a 5x5x2 wooden block with watercolor/collage elements ($30). This is a wedding gift requested by my sister's sweetest friend-Sallie. It can sit on the shelf or hang.

Above was also a request by Sallie as a going away gift for a friend.



hard to believe i'm a mom. i had no idea how hard it is, how great it is, how much God would teach me. usually i feel like everyone is doing it better than me, like they are somehow receiving some intel that i am not privy to. these are some of my recent faves.

drinking coffee in the car from henry's sippy cup. in the sunday morning rush, the most accessible one available.

 ruthie finding a new purpose for oven mitts.

henry with his magic marker beard.

ruthie after her easter chocolate.
ruthie helping me with vbs decorations.
after a cuckoo day, i treated myself to a 5:00 wine & cheese on the veranda. that is wine out of a coffee mug. i needed a calgon moment & eating some fancy cheese & wine took me to a less chaotic place.

this song gives me perspective on my crazy moments as a mom, as a human living in our temporary home.

happy mom's day.

say a special prayer for those who are waiting to be moms & waiting on their little ones. and those who've had to say goodbye to their moms too soon.

dallas with polly

wanted to share pics from our visit to dallas to see my little sis-Polly & her 2 boys: William & Charlie. one of the highlights was the DALLAS ARBORETUM. Magical. the kiddos loved it. i loved it. a glimpse of heave on earth. dramatic, i know-but it really was.
big ole bunny made of pine straw.
william & charlie in back & my 2 in the front. charlie & ruthie are a couple months apart.

this entire hut was made of potted flowers.
the best we got of the crew. henry is always doing this own thing anyway, so kinda fitting.

ruthie looking like my son, i did not pack weather appropriate attire for miss priss.

said this before, but my sisters are the biggest blessing in my life. polly & i shared a room all growing up, until I graduated from high school. i hated sleeping by myself, i am a scardy cat. the meanest thing she could do to me growing up, would not let me sleep in her bed & I'd have to go down the hall and sleep in my bed by myself & sing amy grant songs to myself all night long to keep the boogey man away.