spring break

spend alot of time at my mom & dad's in canton over spring break. sisters & their kiddos were in town. 

cousins ruthie & charlie lovin life. we ate lots of ice cream & bday cake (except those who gave up sweets for lent). there are five March bdays in our fam.

henry has gotten berserk over puzzles. cousin clara is helping him sort it out.
rob is the oldest cousin (13). so patient with the little ones. giving a 2 year old a piggy back ride is not easy. he's the best 13 yr old i know-solid, kind & sweet.
 charlie-my little sister polly's youngest. he & ruthie are a couple of months apart. they are a bit like oil & vinegar, they are going to work it out.
spazzing out to capture a moment, i hit this "stitch" feature on my camera that turned out neat.
little finds from our nature walk. 

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