ruthie's new do

I've been at a loss what to do with Ruthie's hair, in a baby mullet paralysis. We don't do bows very well, I just feel like the sweet volunteers at the church nursery just have to keep up with it.

So we walked into the little kid-friendly barber shop near our house, & this sweet woman had a vision for Ruthie's hair! A bob! Yes, go for it. Although she was telling me something about blow drying it with a round brush & I was just nodding like I was going to do this with my 2-year old's hair even thought I don't do it for my own. Then she was telling me about this "bow training" process, you repeatedly return the bow to your child's hair each time she takes it out-even if it takes 20 times-she'll eventually give up taking it out. Goodness. I just don't think we will be doing bows.

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