farewell party for the mccaskills

These were parting gifts for a bye-bye party for the mccaskill family. They moved to starkville to be with the bulldogs & of course needed a fancified cowbell that i'm sure brian wouldn't be caught dead toting to the ballgame. Be in touch if your cowbell needs to be fancified.

Made it with decoupage scrapbook paper & scrapbook lettering that came in a big fat pack of scrapbook paper.

This was a simple photo album from Target that I added some farewell quotes to. I jazzed up a bit with the ribbon down the spine. I cut down cardstock to 4x6 size & scalloped the top edge (with some of those scrapping scissors) & asked all at the party to write a memory or message to the mccaskills.

sweet, sweet fam. i will miss them. kristen is 100% authentic, comfortable in her own skin, not afraid to cry, being who God made her to be. love ya, sista.

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Drew Watts said...

Farewell party for the mccaskills! I am really happy to find the details here. I just resigned from the office where I worked for 4 years. My team also threw a wonderful farewell bash at one of my favorite Mexican food venues in Chicago. It is the most memorable day for me.