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Okay, here is a follow-up on this post. A Henry/Sarah review of the Williams Sonoma cookie cutters with letters.
We rolled them out. Okay, I used the Becky Crocker sugar cookie mix (didn't use the recipe suggested Williams Sonoma cookie recipe). I was out of flour (go figure) so we rolled the dough between 2 pieces of parchment paper (versus sprinkling flour on the roller & dough).

The letters were frustrating to slide in the cookie press part-think I worked up a sweat. Again since no flour to be located & no answer at 2 neighbor's houses. I sprayed the cookie cutter & letters with cooking spray. This worked pretty well. The directions suggested dipping the cutter into flour so not to stick to dough.
^ And everything was great UNTIL we pulled them out of the oven ^ If I wasn't on a sugar high, I may have cried. So after reading product review comments (of course after the fact). It is best if you use the recipe on the box, but I don't think they make very soft cookies-more of a shortbread cookie. BUT, it did work this way, stamping them AFTER they baked.

Okay, I did find a way that it worked for me & my Betty Crocker mix.....I used just the cookie cutter part & didn't not press down on the letter stamp & then bake the cookies as usual...Then after they come out and cool for a minute or so-THEN press the letter stamp into them. So when they are still a little soft and would allow for a stamp. 

GENERAL SUGAR COOKIE TIPS (I'm pretending I'm knowing stuff here, literally I've only bake a few batches of fo real sugar cookies, but this is what I found):
-Make sure you soften the butter (don't liquify it)
-If batter is sticking to the rolling pin, flour it or sandwich it b/w 2 pieces of parchment
-Put batter in the fridge b/w batches
-So not to tear the unbaked cookies in the transfer...Roll the dough out on parchment paper, cut the cookies (leaving cooking space b/w each). Then remove the scraps. Then you have the cookies ready to bake on the parchment & move the sheet (with unbaked cookies) to the cookie sheet. You cook fewer cookies at a time this way, but it is worth it to me-not to tear the cookies.

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