you're my blue sky, you're my sunny day

Having soooo much fun over here. Getting ready for Ruthie's 2nd birthday! A sunshine party. All this yellow is doing my soul good. I'll post pictures after we celebrate this ray of sunshine. She has no idea how much joy she brings to our family.



i have a love/hate relationship with the wal-mark (someone's grandma calls it this-can't remember?). i feel i need to shop there because of the prices (don't do coupons very well). but i think it sucks a bit of life from me each time i'm there. but the other morning i went sans kiddos & i wandered into the jewelry section.

i have not shame buying shoes, clothing & accessories from wal-mart, may be my best chance of having something new. anyway, the jewelry was really fun & totally cheap. Here are some iphone pics of ones I liked-had self control & got only one.


feeling the love

Henry displaying the valentines for his classmates! My friend Jennifer gave the me the choo-choo choose line-thanks!

Gigi (my mom) brought by our entertainment for the day-2 valentine balloons! Ruthie sporting her new vtine sunglasses.


conversation hearts

Okay, here is a follow-up on this post. A Henry/Sarah review of the Williams Sonoma cookie cutters with letters.
We rolled them out. Okay, I used the Becky Crocker sugar cookie mix (didn't use the recipe suggested Williams Sonoma cookie recipe). I was out of flour (go figure) so we rolled the dough between 2 pieces of parchment paper (versus sprinkling flour on the roller & dough).

The letters were frustrating to slide in the cookie press part-think I worked up a sweat. Again since no flour to be located & no answer at 2 neighbor's houses. I sprayed the cookie cutter & letters with cooking spray. This worked pretty well. The directions suggested dipping the cutter into flour so not to stick to dough.
^ And everything was great UNTIL we pulled them out of the oven ^ If I wasn't on a sugar high, I may have cried. So after reading product review comments (of course after the fact). It is best if you use the recipe on the box, but I don't think they make very soft cookies-more of a shortbread cookie. BUT, it did work this way, stamping them AFTER they baked.

Okay, I did find a way that it worked for me & my Betty Crocker mix.....I used just the cookie cutter part & didn't not press down on the letter stamp & then bake the cookies as usual...Then after they come out and cool for a minute or so-THEN press the letter stamp into them. So when they are still a little soft and would allow for a stamp. 

GENERAL SUGAR COOKIE TIPS (I'm pretending I'm knowing stuff here, literally I've only bake a few batches of fo real sugar cookies, but this is what I found):
-Make sure you soften the butter (don't liquify it)
-If batter is sticking to the rolling pin, flour it or sandwich it b/w 2 pieces of parchment
-Put batter in the fridge b/w batches
-So not to tear the unbaked cookies in the transfer...Roll the dough out on parchment paper, cut the cookies (leaving cooking space b/w each). Then remove the scraps. Then you have the cookies ready to bake on the parchment & move the sheet (with unbaked cookies) to the cookie sheet. You cook fewer cookies at a time this way, but it is worth it to me-not to tear the cookies.

my funny valentine

love ya timmy. you are more than i deserve. i love that God picked you for me. He knew better what I needed. You balance me. I am thankful for you & that you love me even when i'm crazy & not easy to love.

i'm reminded lately of the fragility of life, 2 sweet women (Gena & Susan) had to say goodbye to their valetines this past week. See each day as an opportunity to love those put your life.


grammy highlight

The Avett Brothers - Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise
 Goodness, they are cute! Watching the Grammy's and these boys, Mumford & Sons & the Bob Dylan segment were my fave. Love Bob Dylan-his voice is gone (maybe never was there). But sooo love him, for his lyrics alone.


your party pixie (and mine!)

This post is completely overdue! Just wanted to do it right. One of my sweetest, closest friends-Sherry has started a party planning biz (like her logo =) & Sherry has done the cutest parties. She is so wonderful to work with (we worked together for 6 years at the Ramey agency) before we exited to stay home with our kiddos. Check out the rest of her party pics at her facebook page. You would have a ball planning your next party with her.

 owl party
 football party
 book signing
shopping party

invites & such

  This is a 1 year old's ball party. Shown: invite, envelope & favor label.
   This is a 2 year old's car party. Shown: invite & envelope

    Above is a groovy Jump Zone party. Shown: invite/envelope, thank-you notes/envelope & favor labels

    For a 6 year old's shopping party. Shown: invite & thank-you note.

   For a brother/sister roller skating party. Shown: invite & "logo" that this smart mama put on a backpack button as a favor.

    For a toddler's construction party. Shown: invite & favor labels.

   For a 4 year old's beach party.

    For a 2 year old's owl party. Shown: invite & pennant banner.

$1.50 per: 5x7 or 4x9 invites (20 minimum & pricing includes return address labels)
$1 per: 4.25x5.5 thank-you cards (20 minimum & pricing includes return address labels)
$15: 36 favor labels (2.75"x2.75")
$15: pennant banner 
Invites are printed on 100 lb. heavy paper & use white envelopes. Return addresses are printed on labels.
allow 3 week turnaround 
(so not for you last-minute gals) 
Look here, to see if you like any of these watercolors icons. I can customize as well.

SORRY, I don't do Christmas cards =( I can do birth announcements & 
I price these per project.


why am i so excited about this?

Oh my! My heart started beating fast when I saw them. I went to our local Williams Sonoma & got them yesterday! Henry & I are making cookies as I type (waiting on butter to soften-I usually accidentally liquify it in the microwave). I'll post pics afterwards if they turn out. Yippeee.


farewell party for the mccaskills

These were parting gifts for a bye-bye party for the mccaskill family. They moved to starkville to be with the bulldogs & of course needed a fancified cowbell that i'm sure brian wouldn't be caught dead toting to the ballgame. Be in touch if your cowbell needs to be fancified.

Made it with decoupage scrapbook paper & scrapbook lettering that came in a big fat pack of scrapbook paper.

This was a simple photo album from Target that I added some farewell quotes to. I jazzed up a bit with the ribbon down the spine. I cut down cardstock to 4x6 size & scalloped the top edge (with some of those scrapping scissors) & asked all at the party to write a memory or message to the mccaskills.

sweet, sweet fam. i will miss them. kristen is 100% authentic, comfortable in her own skin, not afraid to cry, being who God made her to be. love ya, sista.

wedding invites

never gets old for me. love doing these. i find my inspiration from textiles, botanical prints, nature....anywhere i can get it.


ruthie's new do

I've been at a loss what to do with Ruthie's hair, in a baby mullet paralysis. We don't do bows very well, I just feel like the sweet volunteers at the church nursery just have to keep up with it.

So we walked into the little kid-friendly barber shop near our house, & this sweet woman had a vision for Ruthie's hair! A bob! Yes, go for it. Although she was telling me something about blow drying it with a round brush & I was just nodding like I was going to do this with my 2-year old's hair even thought I don't do it for my own. Then she was telling me about this "bow training" process, you repeatedly return the bow to your child's hair each time she takes it out-even if it takes 20 times-she'll eventually give up taking it out. Goodness. I just don't think we will be doing bows.