zhu zhu & poo poo

cute right? I was the one who got it for the kiddos, they didn't even ask for a zhu-zhu hamster thing. it was cute until this day....So ruthie, henry & I were huddled around the potty saying bye-bye to henry's poo & flushing it away. and ruthie was holding this cute hamster and decided it needed to go down too. her timing was perfect, she pitched it in mid-swirl. there was no getting it back.

so 2 months, many unsuccessful plumber visits & $XXXX dollars later....the critter has been caught. but before it was officially caught, it backed things up in the pipes & on hubby's bday, he was shop vac-ing largen goo that had backed up out of the potty and seeped down the hall to both the kiddos rooms. loverly.

but a bright side, we upgraded our carpeted hallway to wood floors. yippee.

ruthie & henry playing in boxes in the hallway while we were waiting on the new flooring.

the other day we passed the zhu zhu pets in the store & henry said...ruthie puts doze in the potty. he knows not to even ask for one.

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