nita is 60!

So I could write a book about Nita. I will try to keep it to a post. She is one of a kind & is very proud of her 60 years! She is the cleaning fairy that comes to my house twice a month, and to my mom & sister's house as well. I know her job is not easy, but she does it well. She can fix anything, tells me about flowers & loves to decorate. God has done some amazing things in her life these past few years. She has had too much sadness to bear but she chooses happiness. It makes me smile when I'm across the house and I hear a "I praise you Jesus" coming from the laundry room while she is ironing. Choosing to praise Jesus while ironing does not come naturally. But it is what she chooses.

I made this painting for her: to have faith is to have wings because it sums her up. And this is a little banner I made for her party at mom's house. I can make one for your par-tay too ($15).

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