bible study girls

just got back from a christmas party with my bible study girls (and hubbies). And my heart is full when i think of how God has brought us together at such a happy, trying season of our lives....all being new moms, trying to juggle work, hubbies, kiddies, etc. I was tearing up talking to one friend tonight about having a "bad mom" week. And how I really lost it on henry when he pooped in his pants and feeling guilty about getting so angry with him (bad words flying out everywhere). I'm glad i could share with her & not think she would judge me. That is how our gatherings are, a safe place for us to be honest. We bop around from subject to subject-covering the gamet in our time together (switching gears like only girls can). This group means more than they know. It is hard for us to all be there each time, but even if it is 3 of us-God is there and we TALK IT OUT. Motherhood is so hard, I just really had no idea (still don't)-I love figuring it out with these ladies. I meant for us to get a picture tonight, but I forgot...enjoying our visit too much. But here is one from 2 years ago & we are missing a couple.

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