deck the halls & holiday show

This post is dedicated to Rita Wren (aka sarah brashier) over in Tupelo, waiting for baby #4 to arrive. She just got her first Mac; we are going to have computer lessons-can't wait. But I guess I'll have to wait for Wren to arrive & for Sarah to come out of the baby cave...

Prob more holiday decor than you care to see, but here's what's up this year (horse apples, beans, feathers, fun fabric).

 spray painted some magnolia leaves & my horse apples a great shiny green to make them last longer.

 this greenery is SO not real (all sparkly & got it half off last year at Target post-holiday). I added the ribbons, feathers, balls, etc.
 my ornament cluster, really easy...just threaded an assortment of ball ornaments on a ribbon & secured it for hanging.

 I had never see real live mistletoe, but my nieces/nephews found some & picked it for us.
I set the tree up on an end table to avoid tempting little Ruthie. Working so far.
The holiday home show (below)
Such a fun day. I really could have not made a cent and been happy. Just having people in my home, being so proud that I had my tree up in Nov, getting to chat it up with these sweet girls. God is so good to let me do this...

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Sarah Brashier said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the decorations!!!! Thanks for the post dedication!!