deck the halls & holiday show

This post is dedicated to Rita Wren (aka sarah brashier) over in Tupelo, waiting for baby #4 to arrive. She just got her first Mac; we are going to have computer lessons-can't wait. But I guess I'll have to wait for Wren to arrive & for Sarah to come out of the baby cave...

Prob more holiday decor than you care to see, but here's what's up this year (horse apples, beans, feathers, fun fabric).

 spray painted some magnolia leaves & my horse apples a great shiny green to make them last longer.

 this greenery is SO not real (all sparkly & got it half off last year at Target post-holiday). I added the ribbons, feathers, balls, etc.
 my ornament cluster, really easy...just threaded an assortment of ball ornaments on a ribbon & secured it for hanging.

 I had never see real live mistletoe, but my nieces/nephews found some & picked it for us.
I set the tree up on an end table to avoid tempting little Ruthie. Working so far.
The holiday home show (below)
Such a fun day. I really could have not made a cent and been happy. Just having people in my home, being so proud that I had my tree up in Nov, getting to chat it up with these sweet girls. God is so good to let me do this...


thankful heart=happy heart

this week i'm thanking God for:
+ That Ruthie likes to snuggle (in my lap right now).
+ When I get to rock Ruthie (even in the middle of the night).
+ The way Henry is so proud of himself when he does something "big".
+ That God gives me friends who make me laugh. He knows what I need.
+ Coffee.
+ Thankful that Tim is good at biting his tongue. No need to say it, I know what he's thinking.
+ That He loves me even though I'm rotten.
+ My 3 sisters, each so different & tell me what to do when I can't figure it out.
+ So happy He lets me be creative.


thankful box (sold out)

$15 per (limited amount-email me to reserve). A tradition we do in our house for Thanksgiving: the thankful box. I created a prettier version of it for YOU. The concept: Pre-Thanksgiving dinner, while everyone is stealing bites of turkey; ask everyone to write on a provided card what they are thankful for & then pass the box around the table after dinner & pick a card & read it out loud. We don't sign ours, so we always try to guess who wrote what. It is a sweet tradition, even if you don't get the box. Try this at your house this Thanksgiving...


home show (at my home!) TUES, Nov 16

So very excited about this little event. For one, can't wait to hang with these sweet girls the whole day & I know it will definitely get me in the Christmas spirit! And get my holiday decor up the earliest in my life!!! Please come if you are local-it is a great assortment of craftiness. Email if you have questions.


christmas is coming (early)

Bring it on! I'm am in gear this year! I'm going even use color coordinated wrapping paper
(Usually my brain won't let me plan ahead like this). I really wanted a tree up before this little home show. Hubby tried to convince me that they don't sell Christmas trees before Thanksgiving (thinking he could slow me down). So instead I got a white artificial tree from Wal-Mart, no Christmas tree farm this year =( I'm excited about having my Christmas decor up longer than a few weeks! Gonna use the fabric for toppers on the vendors tables & keeping the colors throughout the house. Spotted these green/black/white beans in WM yesterday & gonna use these somehow. I'll show you how it comes together.


ART PRINTS: $15 FOR 5x7 in 8x10 mat

Below are the collection of watercolor/graphic prints I have for you! They are 5x7 prints in a 8x10 mat. They are enclosed in a clear bag. $15 per matted print. Email me to order: sarah@largendesign.com