These 2 watercolors were done for a college friend with sweet twins. This was for their baptism weekend. I love being a part of these special occasions-it makes me a happy painter...$30 per (5x7 watercolor/in 8x10 matte)

zig zag

Procrastinating....& while this was happening, I ran across this lovely re-do chair and decided I need some zig & zag in my living room. Found cheapo fabric, about to order...keep you posted (if it goes anywhere besides my fabric closet).


school ready

Ruthie's bag tag on her backpack I did for her.
Yep, looks like we're all ready for school. (BTW, Henry is potty training, he's naked alot). Ruthie is so pumped about her little backpack. We watch TONS of Dora over here, so backpacks are extra special. Love this line-Skip Hop, I got mine online, but saw them at Barnes & Noble the other day. I feel like I will get a small piece of my sanity back once Ruthie starts at her MDO program this week. Been a little tricky keeping up.

carter's trio

Did these for Henry boy's best bud-Carter.
Above is the fabric his mama picked for his room.
henry & carter man listening to their cars.

henry's room

So we finally switched Henry over to a big boy bed & I got his room together. The birds took flight & made way for a sea theme!

I hung a grouping of sea related prints together. 3 of the simple woodblock prints were little cards I found on my Nantucket trip. I forced myself to use frames I already had.

Got the bedding from kukunest.

I did paint this shell Henry piece-used pearlized crushed shell for his name.


Hubby & I took a trip to Nantucket (it is an island in MASS in case you didn't know like me). We went with 2 other couples & 1 set got engaged while were there! Jody & Carey Leigh-this is a watercolor I did on the ferry ride over to commemorate the occasion. It was a fancy & wonderful trip. It is a quaint/beautiful place-out of a movie. Below are some pics from the trip. One small downside of the trip, there were men walking around with their collars popped up.
Below is the work of an artist I met at a farmer's market there. I love her illustration style. I snatched up a shell similar to this...


wedding tree!!!!

This idea was brought to me by Leslie-thanks sweet friend! A bride would have this at the sign-in at her reception & people put their thumbprint on the tree's branches and sign their name beside their print. The set ($50) would include a 12"x19" print, 5"x7" prints of example & instructions. Frames not included. It can be customized to the couples name, colors, etc.