helen ruth's baby stats banner

I painted this for my friend Joanna & her new baby girl! So happy for you and Donnie!!! J is such a kind, encouraging friend-such strong faith.

DETAILS: 13"x30", painted canvas, hung with rustic twig & ribbon, $50
(let me know if you need/want one of these!!!)


candy girl

I was so happy to see this little article in the Jackson Portico this month. It is featuring Beth Ann Ross' candy shop on the Canton square: Madeline's. It is a fave spot for the fam when we go to Canton. All sorts of retro candy and fun little gift items. Beth Ann has quirky and fun assortment of things. And ice cream! Here are a few pics from a visit there last year. And she's delightful (straying from my usual "sweet"). And I don't know her, but you get that just from being in her store. When I was there last, she had set aside this special stash behind the counter of gold foiled wrapped chocolates for a VIP doting grandmother. Beth Ann explained that these chocolates were hard to get in and this woman liked to always have some in her purse for her grandkids. Love small town stuff like this.