messy wonderful life

mr. potato head.
ruthie unrecycling

the typical state of my "workshop"-they love to get into the ribbon...

Life with kiddos (or just life in general) is messy. You can't control it or try to. We are attempting to potty train, I've heard the woes-now I understand/appreciate all that I've heard. It's the pits. Not much serenity in my typical day-to-day. So I love when God gets my attention in His wonderful way and makes serenity happen. And it happened on my bday. I had about a 30 min (or less) nature walk at a ranch that is in my bro-in-law's family. I feel zip guilt for slipping away (only on your bday, right?) & saw all this beauty. God is the ultimate artist-all the fabulous flowers, trees & greenery, not all of them necessary. But they exist because they are beautiful-for our enjoyment. Love it. I was so full and content. Contentment is such a wonderful thing. When I allow myself to be discontent, my joy goes away. I'm constantly reminding myself of this. As I am typing this, I know I will be testing on all of this very soon...

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