somebody's getting married!!!!

I could absolutely do these all day long. So fun for me. I so appreciate you asking me to do these for these sweet brides. Tell your friends about these wedding gifts (for $30!) Here's how the ordering process works: 1. Email me 2. Tell me if there is a certain one you like 3. Tell me if there are particular colors to use 4. The bride's style preference (if known) 5. Mail or drop off the original invite. 6. Then I will matte & wrap it for you, for you to pick up or I can mail.

A little feedback from the invites:

"My friends flipped over their invites."
"This is way better than a punch bowl."
"This is my favorite wedding gift I received"
"I pass by my watercolor wedding invite it has reminded me more of my vows this past year than in the whole 10 years we've been married, so thanks!" (from someone who found one of her invites for me to watercolor for an anniversary gift)
And one bride displayed hers at her wedding reception!!

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