henry boy is 3

I'm sentimental right now, tomorrow henry is 3. Goodness, he's taught me so much. And he doesn't even know it. Even at 2 weeks old, God used him to teach me to serve like I've never had to. It was no longer about me, but it is better now that it is no longer about me. When he gets excited he jumps up and down and does this crazy dance. He can't say Ruthie-so his sister is Rookie. Now WE call her Rookie. When we are in the car and I slow down suddenly or take off fast-he always does the sound effect-"EEEEERRRR". He's obsessed with water towers & school buses.

Okay, I hate cats, allergic to them, but Henry has made me have a soft spot for our neighbor's cat. He loves that cat. The cat sleeps on our back porch and appears out of thin air when Henry goes out to play. I love my Henry boy, more than he will ever realize. He's given us 3 years of fun & has filled our hearts up.

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