father's day request

So I got a commission from my dad, it came just the week before Father's Day (which he didn't realize was that week)-I was happy for the project, he's hard to get for. He liked this confession prayer from that week's service & asked for me to "work it up". Any certain colors? "No", Will it be hung or on a desktop? "Not sure". So this is what I was working with...But I knew my swirly type probably wasn't the best for this job, so I did a digital & paper collage treatment to these words. Dad has always been supportive of my little creative ventures. Although, when I told him I was staying home with Henry-he was determined to keep me in work-taking a stack of my graphic design business cards and giving them to all sorts of people (all while Henry was a mere 2 mths old). That stressed me out but was sweet at the same time. My dad is a complete one of a kind. It is crazy that God gave him 4 girls. He so wants us to understand what he's talking about-he even draws diagrams on napkins to illustrate his point. It's like he knows I'm glazing over-he's losing me. Investments, politics, business-all the things my brain will not retain. I am always hoping there is no Q & A afterwards. Few funny things about my dad: he would not let us get our ears pierced until we were 18, he always keeps rubber bands wrapped around his hand (and flosses his teeth with it), he wears a seersucker jacket all during the weekend & after work-I've even seen him go on a exercise walk with it on. When he greets someone, he immediately starts off with "fine, fine"-knowing that they are going to ask how he is & he just wants to get on with it. One of a kind. He does so much for all of us-so giving. So loyal and repeatedly told us that our sisters would be our best friends. He wouldn't let us hold grudges. I am thankful for all of these things, thankful for my quirky, loving dad.

Okay, I have got to get to bed-these posts are way-rambling.

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Love this post, Sarah!!!