the beach

We've been at the beach this week-all 20 of us. Kinda crazy, fun & the one week when we know we're guaranteed to all be together. We are staying at Orange Beach and we keep watching the prep work for catching the BP oil coming ashore. A touch surreal. The kids are loving the beach & pool-Henry is braving up to the waves & it never occurred to Ruthie to be afraid. We've been eating great-everyone takes turns cooking: steaks, fish tacos, BAR B Q shrimp, shrimp & grits...and of course ice cream for the proper settle after every meal. I always get sad towards the end of the week and it is time to head back. Nothing compares to the beach with the fam. Of course we have our moments: kitchen tension pre meals, dad watching the tv WAY too loud (I introduced him to CC the other night), bickering among cousins, husbands getting too much of the Montgomery women. But glad to have this not perfect, supportive, wonderful family.

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