father's day request

So I got a commission from my dad, it came just the week before Father's Day (which he didn't realize was that week)-I was happy for the project, he's hard to get for. He liked this confession prayer from that week's service & asked for me to "work it up". Any certain colors? "No", Will it be hung or on a desktop? "Not sure". So this is what I was working with...But I knew my swirly type probably wasn't the best for this job, so I did a digital & paper collage treatment to these words. Dad has always been supportive of my little creative ventures. Although, when I told him I was staying home with Henry-he was determined to keep me in work-taking a stack of my graphic design business cards and giving them to all sorts of people (all while Henry was a mere 2 mths old). That stressed me out but was sweet at the same time. My dad is a complete one of a kind. It is crazy that God gave him 4 girls. He so wants us to understand what he's talking about-he even draws diagrams on napkins to illustrate his point. It's like he knows I'm glazing over-he's losing me. Investments, politics, business-all the things my brain will not retain. I am always hoping there is no Q & A afterwards. Few funny things about my dad: he would not let us get our ears pierced until we were 18, he always keeps rubber bands wrapped around his hand (and flosses his teeth with it), he wears a seersucker jacket all during the weekend & after work-I've even seen him go on a exercise walk with it on. When he greets someone, he immediately starts off with "fine, fine"-knowing that they are going to ask how he is & he just wants to get on with it. One of a kind. He does so much for all of us-so giving. So loyal and repeatedly told us that our sisters would be our best friends. He wouldn't let us hold grudges. I am thankful for all of these things, thankful for my quirky, loving dad.

Okay, I have got to get to bed-these posts are way-rambling.

henry boy is 3

I'm sentimental right now, tomorrow henry is 3. Goodness, he's taught me so much. And he doesn't even know it. Even at 2 weeks old, God used him to teach me to serve like I've never had to. It was no longer about me, but it is better now that it is no longer about me. When he gets excited he jumps up and down and does this crazy dance. He can't say Ruthie-so his sister is Rookie. Now WE call her Rookie. When we are in the car and I slow down suddenly or take off fast-he always does the sound effect-"EEEEERRRR". He's obsessed with water towers & school buses.

Okay, I hate cats, allergic to them, but Henry has made me have a soft spot for our neighbor's cat. He loves that cat. The cat sleeps on our back porch and appears out of thin air when Henry goes out to play. I love my Henry boy, more than he will ever realize. He's given us 3 years of fun & has filled our hearts up.


wedding invite watercolors

Thanks, Leslie for the order. Hope the brides like their prettied up invites.


teacher painting

A group of moms got together and commissioned this for their children's teacher. This is a familiar scene in her room-for the kids to be sitting on the floor as she reads them a book. Thanks, Ashley for thinking of me for this special teacher gift!!!

you are my sunshine

This is the sketch I sent to get us going....

The summer sun is here! And baby Parker is on his way!!!! I was so excited to get the request for these little paintings. I've always thought they would make for precious little nursery hangings. Henry & I sing this song lots & have funny little hand motions to it. You know the type of goofy motions you make up on the fly. And now we do them all the time.


step stool

These are for 2 little sisters: Vesper & Pepper! Aren't these the cutest names! Their mom is a sweet encourager of mine-always been so supportive. That means so much!!! And if you halfway thinking about using cloth diapers-Anna can give you the low-down. She made me at least consider it for about a week. Thanks, Anna!!!

wedding invite

Thanks Lauren, for your order. This is a combo of cut paper, beading & watercolor. This will be waiting for Lauren's sister when she gets back from her honeymoon!


the beach

We've been at the beach this week-all 20 of us. Kinda crazy, fun & the one week when we know we're guaranteed to all be together. We are staying at Orange Beach and we keep watching the prep work for catching the BP oil coming ashore. A touch surreal. The kids are loving the beach & pool-Henry is braving up to the waves & it never occurred to Ruthie to be afraid. We've been eating great-everyone takes turns cooking: steaks, fish tacos, BAR B Q shrimp, shrimp & grits...and of course ice cream for the proper settle after every meal. I always get sad towards the end of the week and it is time to head back. Nothing compares to the beach with the fam. Of course we have our moments: kitchen tension pre meals, dad watching the tv WAY too loud (I introduced him to CC the other night), bickering among cousins, husbands getting too much of the Montgomery women. But glad to have this not perfect, supportive, wonderful family.

somebody's getting married!!!!

I could absolutely do these all day long. So fun for me. I so appreciate you asking me to do these for these sweet brides. Tell your friends about these wedding gifts (for $30!) Here's how the ordering process works: 1. Email me 2. Tell me if there is a certain one you like 3. Tell me if there are particular colors to use 4. The bride's style preference (if known) 5. Mail or drop off the original invite. 6. Then I will matte & wrap it for you, for you to pick up or I can mail.

A little feedback from the invites:

"My friends flipped over their invites."
"This is way better than a punch bowl."
"This is my favorite wedding gift I received"
"I pass by my watercolor wedding invite it has reminded me more of my vows this past year than in the whole 10 years we've been married, so thanks!" (from someone who found one of her invites for me to watercolor for an anniversary gift)
And one bride displayed hers at her wedding reception!!