ruthie & elizabeth

Ruthie and her cousin Elizabeth. Ruthie is heavy-heavier than Elizabeth realizes, she gave up trying to pick her up. E calls her Roofy Woofy.

welcome baby gift set: $30

A "welcome to the world" baby gift set. Notecards, square labels & laminated bag tag. $30. What mama doesn't want to see their new little baby's name on gear!

wedding season!!!

Lots of blushing brides out there & I've been painting their invites! Love wedding season. This one is for a Canton bride, added small beaded detail & I'm stuck on the poppies-they are everywhere.

lacey's verse

Watercolor verse my friend Lacey wanted to be reminded of....And we know that all things work together for good to those who love Him. Romans 8:28

We grew up together in Canton: cheered together, ran together & got ultra motivated pre-kids and ran a half marathon together. And pretty much have not run since. I miss Lacey, she has moved away =(

sister kathleen's 40th

So my big sister (my 2nd mama) turned 40 last week & we had a surprise brunch for her over here. Above is the invite (she would kill if she knew this pic was shown here, she was dressed for an 80's party BTW). But it'll be another 6 mths before she visits the site, so we're good.

I dream about the cupcakes that Kristen at Crumb makes. Delicious and beautiful.

Banner I put together with scrapbook paper, glitter, etc.

Little favors I made-little laminated watercolored tags with her fun friends' names.

Kathleen, me & mama.

About Kathleen, okay-so she had kids before me and passed down all her parenting/pregnancy books. She saved all her hand-me-downs for me & my little sister's kids. (That takes up alot of attic space). She offers to keep my kids when she knows hubby and I haven't a night out in awhile (and she has 3 of her own!). She helped plan my wedding when mom was out of commission, while she was expecting #2. She wore my belted bridesmaid dress with no complaints while she was 6 mths prego. She is the planner of the family, doesn't drink iced tea & loves Prince (and had me singing Little Red Corvette at the age of 10). She's a sucker for organize-it books, but is a complete wannabe. She takes care of me, thinks of the things that sneak up on me. She's so good to me.


labels in action

This are what my labels can do! Kinda late (or real early) post, but these were Christmas gifts jazzed up with the sticker labels.

customized door hanger

The hanger pieces/parts: painted reclaimed wood, acrylic frame with watercolor print, which is customized with the child's name and birth date. Metallic paint & clear glitter detail. The dimensions of the wood is 7"x5"-and a customized one like this is $20. I have a girl version of this as well. Email me if ya like!

Thanks Lauren for the order for this little guy who had a rough start. Always appreciative when someone thinks of me for their special gifts. I know it is easy to order something online in a click-so THANKS to you who email me to place these orders. Babies are such gifts, I love getting to pray for these little ones while I'm glittering or painting it up. And praying for their parents who are going nutty without sleep.

watercolor wedding invite

This one is for a Starkville bride and has tiny silver bead detail. Thanks Meredith for letting me do this for you.