good books

Above are 2 books that I wanted to pass along. Okay the titles are a little hokey, but get past that. We are studying the Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl in a bible study I'm in and it is one of my favorites so far. The author is very honest, funny, encouraging & 100% relatable. It is hitting me just right. And this author, Lysa Terkeurst, was featured on Oprah for the adoption story of her 2 sons from Africa. We had discussed this powerful episode in our girls group this past fall and just put it together that it is the author of this book we were studying.

And the Busy Mom's devotional book is a good format-my friend Sissy gave it to me after Ruthie came (I think this was the occasion?)-such an appropriate gift regardless. Speaking of, baby girl is waking up from her nap. She knew I was talking about her.


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