largen life

matchy pj's-ruthie is smiling at her da-da. she's about to be 1, i'm not ready for my squishy baby to be 1.
this made me laugh-this is hubby's drawing of henry, ruthie & our neighbor's cat. apparently, i didn't put a shirt on ruthie this day & he thinks she looks like a plumber (no offense to all the plumbers who check out dd).

baby gift

This assortment of personalized baby happies was $50: laminated square monogram hanger, square labels, thank you notes & laminated tag. If you ever want to give something like this-just email me. Let me know your price limit & I'll tell you some options.

thanks, jen for your order-you always think of fun projects for me.

ann carlton's painting

I did this oval painting for ben & meredith's baby girl, I did a matching one with baby stats. but in my rush to get it painted up, I forgot to take a pic. so happy for this sweet couple-new dad ben was so tired and happy when I delivered this to the hospital. thanks & congrats you three!

mix it up

as the unofficial queen of the mix tape in jr. high, my heart started beating real fast when I saw this.


good books

Above are 2 books that I wanted to pass along. Okay the titles are a little hokey, but get past that. We are studying the Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl in a bible study I'm in and it is one of my favorites so far. The author is very honest, funny, encouraging & 100% relatable. It is hitting me just right. And this author, Lysa Terkeurst, was featured on Oprah for the adoption story of her 2 sons from Africa. We had discussed this powerful episode in our girls group this past fall and just put it together that it is the author of this book we were studying.

And the Busy Mom's devotional book is a good format-my friend Sissy gave it to me after Ruthie came (I think this was the occasion?)-such an appropriate gift regardless. Speaking of, baby girl is waking up from her nap. She knew I was talking about her.



winter largen life

We got snow today and it was great. What a fun treat. but when you make snowmen (or women) every 5 years-it is hard to remember how to do them. of course hubby figured out the best and most efficient way to do it.

A winter hat a friend's mama made-isn't is so cute. Ruthie almost always has her little tongue out like this.

henry being excited about his new electric train and book. just the other day he got this electric train stuck up in his hair-quite traumatizing. he was in a dora watching trance when it happened.
i wish i could think of a clever caption.

lia kate's paintings

This is Lia Kate's bedding & below are the paintings I did to coordinate with it.

lia kate, I can't wait to meet you in person, sweet girl.

step stool

This is a Target step stool painted up for my Bham sister, Meg's friend-DeAnna. Get all that? Her friends are so sweet to do these long-distance orders from me. Hope Peyton enjoys her step stool for many years to come.

valentines cards

I did these little valentines for Henry's class/teachers & Ruthie's teachers. I laminated the verse & put a magnet on the back. I'm so last-minute with these things. I had my veggie-tale valentines already bought and ready to give and this idea hit me the other day & then i HAVE to do it. I had fun putting them together.


valentines day

so Henry has a valentine & it isn't me. her name is savannah. she loves keeps him in line at Mother's Day Out-telling him to share & hopefully encourage him to potty train. she told her daddy that "she was going to keep henry forever".