We can twist and shout, do the turtle dove-you're the one I love. David Gray (listen)
islands in the stream, that is what we are. dolly & kenny (listen)
And they could never ever tear us apart. INXS (listen)

So this was a goal for about 2 years & now I have a little shop up on etsy! I have worked up some fun V-tine day happies. Above are pics of them. I had so much fun making them. I make a valentine mix for hubby every year and these songs usually make an appearance. So I'm keeping a set and made some more for YOU! You may purchase them at etsy ($25) or just email me. If you are local & could pick up-you don't need to pay shipping. I'll slowly add things to the etsy site & keep selling from my blog as well.

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heather short said...

do you have any delta root??? I want to sell your stuff in locals??? I think I could sell so many of these for valentine's day??? we don't have anything like this in Cleveland???