new years resolutions?

I've been in a funk all today-trying to sort out my new year's resolutions (i've given myself a tummyache). I was awake last night thinking of the million i could make:
-have the kids watch less tv (um, and this does include my 9 mth old-yikes)
-quit checking out people.com
-enjoy each day like it could be my last
-take better care of my hubby
-cook more for my hubby
-start exercising
-commit more time talking to God & having that still time with Him

And then it hit me, if I set aside my "be still" time with God each day-surely these other things have got to work themselves out. So that is what I'm going to do. I am going to commit that this next month, that I will find 30 minutes in the morning/night to really focus on Him. This is one of my biggest weaknesses-my lack of commitment to this time. In each Bible study I've done, the importance of this one-on-one time is always stressed. So this has gone up to the top of the resolution list and will be the only one I am going for this year. If you have any pointers on how you carve out this time each day, pass them along. And I feel pretty lame needing to make this a resolution (should be a given!) but I'm on the hook now & I'm going to do it!

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