We can twist and shout, do the turtle dove-you're the one I love. David Gray (listen)
islands in the stream, that is what we are. dolly & kenny (listen)
And they could never ever tear us apart. INXS (listen)

So this was a goal for about 2 years & now I have a little shop up on etsy! I have worked up some fun V-tine day happies. Above are pics of them. I had so much fun making them. I make a valentine mix for hubby every year and these songs usually make an appearance. So I'm keeping a set and made some more for YOU! You may purchase them at etsy ($25) or just email me. If you are local & could pick up-you don't need to pay shipping. I'll slowly add things to the etsy site & keep selling from my blog as well.


haiti help

This seems like such a small effort to help such a huge disaster going on in Haiti. But I am giving 50% of all profits for the Jan/Feb months to the Red Cross for Haiti relief. It is impossible for me to process the despair these people are feeling.

My purse calendars are reduced to $7 (limited amount), any design can be ordered. See my magnet selection-$5 each & then my sticker labels for order.

This song reminds me of how we are to trust God when such hurt is happening. Click the link to listen. Or it is also in my music player in the side bar.

Your Hands by JJ Heller


children's books

The Kissing Hand, Audrey Penn. The perfect book for the first day of school.
Someday. Alison McGhee
Perfect for baby girl-I teared up in the middle of B&N the first time I read it.

Spider Sisters, John Trent
My sister Polly gave me this book a few years back and it has the sweetest message.

The House in the Night
, Susan Marie Swanson
(Reminiscent of Good Night Moon, beautiful illustrations. It makes me sleepy, we just got it at christmas.)

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy, Mo Willems
All of his books are hilarious, I laugh each time I read this to the kids.

I sure do love children's books & these are some of my favorites. I used to buy them before I had kids & felt silly. Now I have a perfect legitimate reason. One day I would like to do a kiddo book. Share your faves that I need to have.


house of prayer

This is a verse print adhered to a 5"x5" wooden block. Most of my verses I have painted can be ordered this way. See the selection of my magnets for verse options. These are $30 each. The wood block is stained with painted stripes. It can set on the shelf or can hang on the wall.

dandy things

Here are brother & sister step stools. Thanks Lauren for ordering these up for these precious kiddos. Porter and Ruthie were baptized on the same Sunday!


new years resolutions?

I've been in a funk all today-trying to sort out my new year's resolutions (i've given myself a tummyache). I was awake last night thinking of the million i could make:
-have the kids watch less tv (um, and this does include my 9 mth old-yikes)
-quit checking out people.com
-enjoy each day like it could be my last
-take better care of my hubby
-cook more for my hubby
-start exercising
-commit more time talking to God & having that still time with Him

And then it hit me, if I set aside my "be still" time with God each day-surely these other things have got to work themselves out. So that is what I'm going to do. I am going to commit that this next month, that I will find 30 minutes in the morning/night to really focus on Him. This is one of my biggest weaknesses-my lack of commitment to this time. In each Bible study I've done, the importance of this one-on-one time is always stressed. So this has gone up to the top of the resolution list and will be the only one I am going for this year. If you have any pointers on how you carve out this time each day, pass them along. And I feel pretty lame needing to make this a resolution (should be a given!) but I'm on the hook now & I'm going to do it!


Caroline Herring is from Canton, Mississippi and a wonderfully talented singer/songwriter. She was featured on NPR's All Things Considered this weekend, talking about her new album out. This is huge. And in true Mississippian form, I love to brag on successful fellow-Mississippians. It's a great little interview-listen to it.

meredith pardue

I've developed an obsession for this artist-meredith pardue. I'm considering buying a piece of her artwork and putting away money for it. a total want, not a need. I don't even buy fancy jeans & I'm considering buying this. i loooove her work though.