love came down on christmas

I'm thinking about my dear friend Emily tonight, she and her husband Danny are getting to know their new baby girl in China right now. God is so amazing how he brings families together. I'm smiling thinking back to when were both single girls in 2001, about how she said she wanted to adopt a baby girl from China. We worked together briefly before she went to the Peace Corps & then when she returned to the US we taught english as a 2nd language together at a local church and have so many wonderful memories with our international friends.

Both of the blogs she keeps up have amazing stories-the bumpy arrival of her baby boy & the miracle of his life and health & then now her journey to Lia Kate. Emily has always been brave-will try any kind of food, loves adventure, & always up for any type of travel. I'll never forget one time we were riding horses and the 2 horses we were on, totally took off & were racing us through the woods. The whole experience was traumatizing to me (I thought I was going to be impaled by a tree limb) & when I looked over at Emily-she was just laughing and loving it. That totally sums up Emily. I'm so happy she & Danny have Lia Kate, please pray for this transition for baby girl and the new dynamics of their family.


Christmas happenings

Henry getting handsy with the manger scene. Baby Jesus goes MIA about once a day.

This is what I made of my shells from the beach. I glittered them and tied them on pretty ribbon with a cluster of ornaments. I think I was just trying to hold on the beach for a bit longer.

Take kids in christmas pj's in front of the Christmas tree-check.

Above is a picture of my dear high school friend Melanie & of the beautiful church in Gulfport where she is the new rector. This church was rebuilt after Katrina and they did a fabulous job-wonderful architecture. This was such a special night for me. Getting to see her being installed at St. Peters by the Sea. She is such a wise person-has always been this way, even when we were all stupid in jr. high. A great listener. I pray for her all the time-the huge job she has, balancing motherhood with serving her church. Her blog is great-she's a wonderful writer.
Our day of snow!!!!!
Our beautiful Japanese Magnolia that stays this brilliant red for about 1 week.

Have a wonderful Christmas. I love this verse and it sums up how we are to treasure Christmas in your own quiet way. Think of Mary, admiring her new child & just soaking the whole experience in.....

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19

thanksgiving largen life

We went to the beach with hubby's side of the family for Thanksgiving. IT WAS FABULOUS. Nothing like the beach. Everyone is lighter at the beach. Even shopping at the Wal-Mart at the beach is a different experience-people are relaxed. The shells. I always love finding shells and thinking of ways to use them. And we did a little surprise bday celebration of Tim's bday-Jonas Brothers style. It was that or Spiderman. Our nephew Jack was a little disturbed that uncle tim "really" liked the Jonas Brothers-he said he thought only kids like them.

Had to air it out after some burnt toast.