largen life

hubby with his deep fried oreos at the fair-they were realllllly good.
funny largen life story (apologies to fb friends-this is a repeat)....i had gotten a letter for jury duty and for me to call in the Sunday night and see if I needed to report. But I have the baby brain and I forgot about all of this until my sister Kathleen called Monday morning at 8:10 asking if I had to report for jury duty. Yikes, so I called and all were to report at 8:30 that morning (Canton is 15 min away). Babies & I have never moved that fast (we never go anywhere before 9 a.m.). My hair is kicked up, babies in pj's & we reported for jury duty somehow by 8:30. But the official looking courtroom guard person just said "oh, you brought your kids with you? there are no kids in the courtroom, ma'am. just go down the hall and they'll dismiss you." I tried not to dance down the hall. So afterwards, my accomplices were rewarded with doughnuts and we played on the courthouse square. My dad (who is an attorney in canton) was a little put-out with my babies in the courthouse move. He thinks getting selected for jury duty is the same as winning the lottery.

thought henry looked a little "where the wild things are-esque" in these pics. can't wait to watch this movie with the kiddos in a couple of years. so loved this book growing up. and mental note, need to get this book for henry in the meantime.

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heather short said...

you make me laugh!!!! I love the jury duty story!! I know how to get out of it next time!!!

also, seeing the picture at the fair makes me so sad!! I haven't been to a jackson fair since we graduated.. We have so many memories of the flea market and then the fair that night!! Oh, the good old days!!!