henry's belated bday post

lions, tigers & bears, oh my.
big bald ruthie with the animals.

So this is a late peek at henry man's wild party (4 mths ago). Just a little fam party but I love all that goes into it. I know they think I'm cuckoo for making signs and the extras when it is just us, but I think because it not expected it makes it more fun for me. I think when it counts and when he'll actually remember is when I'll be breaking out the Wal-Mart cake & a few bags of doritos. Which I'm all for keeping it real and think bdays can get out-o-control, but as long as it is fun for all involved-I'll keep getting into it. I had his little T printed to match his invite at cafepress. I didn't make the cake this go around (a fabulous piggly wiggly caramel cake-sooo good), and splurged on some oh-so-yummy cupcakes from crumb. Funny bday morning story, Henry desperately needed a haircut, and this was a bday task I delegated to hubby (why?). Anyway, I had a fleeting thought to remind him to ask them just take off a little, but the thought never went anywhere. So you know what happened-he comes back as my little 2-year old monk. I tried not to react & we just tried to smear his bangs to the side with some product. Somehow we overcame & his hair now flops again.

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