cuz's wedding

we went to my cousin's wedding in natchez the other weekend and it was beautiful, the reception at dunleith (an antebellum home there). the band was fabulous and the whole fam was there-nothing better than dancing at a wedding. my family is not necessarily a group of good dancers, but we all love to dance. although my dad claims to be voted "best dancer" in high school & told us many times growing up. funny.

my cousin is a recent grad of san fran art institute and is a industrial designer-super creative & wonderful guy.

2 of my nephews breaking it down. i think they spun a hole in their pants.
the sweet couple.


i realized today after looking on facebook at everyone else's pictures of babes with pumpkins that i hadn't taken pictures of MY kids sitting in front of pumpkins. so hubby humored me and we made 3 stops to finally find a gathering of pumpkins (the first 2 patches were too slim). he's so patient, but I could tell i was pushing his hubby limits. but it was fun & I'm glad we did it.

hween partay

We had a little party for some kiddos and it was so much fun. I had such a great time decorating for this & planning for this. Each morning of this week when Henry woke up, it was big fun to show him the new stuff I put out. I've always loved Halloween (NOT the scary movie part-the previews alone give me nightmares) and always think about my potential costume although we haven't actually gone to a adult hween party in years. Each hween when my hair is boy short I want to go as Pat Benatar (circa "love is a battlefield").


largen life

hubby with his deep fried oreos at the fair-they were realllllly good.
funny largen life story (apologies to fb friends-this is a repeat)....i had gotten a letter for jury duty and for me to call in the Sunday night and see if I needed to report. But I have the baby brain and I forgot about all of this until my sister Kathleen called Monday morning at 8:10 asking if I had to report for jury duty. Yikes, so I called and all were to report at 8:30 that morning (Canton is 15 min away). Babies & I have never moved that fast (we never go anywhere before 9 a.m.). My hair is kicked up, babies in pj's & we reported for jury duty somehow by 8:30. But the official looking courtroom guard person just said "oh, you brought your kids with you? there are no kids in the courtroom, ma'am. just go down the hall and they'll dismiss you." I tried not to dance down the hall. So afterwards, my accomplices were rewarded with doughnuts and we played on the courthouse square. My dad (who is an attorney in canton) was a little put-out with my babies in the courthouse move. He thinks getting selected for jury duty is the same as winning the lottery.

thought henry looked a little "where the wild things are-esque" in these pics. can't wait to watch this movie with the kiddos in a couple of years. so loved this book growing up. and mental note, need to get this book for henry in the meantime.

henry's belated bday post

lions, tigers & bears, oh my.
big bald ruthie with the animals.

So this is a late peek at henry man's wild party (4 mths ago). Just a little fam party but I love all that goes into it. I know they think I'm cuckoo for making signs and the extras when it is just us, but I think because it not expected it makes it more fun for me. I think when it counts and when he'll actually remember is when I'll be breaking out the Wal-Mart cake & a few bags of doritos. Which I'm all for keeping it real and think bdays can get out-o-control, but as long as it is fun for all involved-I'll keep getting into it. I had his little T printed to match his invite at cafepress. I didn't make the cake this go around (a fabulous piggly wiggly caramel cake-sooo good), and splurged on some oh-so-yummy cupcakes from crumb. Funny bday morning story, Henry desperately needed a haircut, and this was a bday task I delegated to hubby (why?). Anyway, I had a fleeting thought to remind him to ask them just take off a little, but the thought never went anywhere. So you know what happened-he comes back as my little 2-year old monk. I tried not to react & we just tried to smear his bangs to the side with some product. Somehow we overcame & his hair now flops again.


girly step stool

Sweet Staci, thanks for ordering this for your niece. Kayden and Markie got similar sassy step stools. That's what usually happens when I paint in twos....

watercolor/beaded wedding invite

Thanks Amanda, for keeping me in mind for all your thoughtful gifts for others!

And on a general watercolor wedding invite note: a friend told me that a bride said her watercolor invite was her favorite wedding gift she received. I thought that was huge props & it made me happy!

markie's step stool

Lauren, thanks for being such a devoted dandelion customer. I really appreciate your order. I had fun painting this up.


crazy love

Crazy Love is a book I'm reading right now with my Bible study and it is kicking my bootay. It has some tough truths in it and has challenged me to confront that often I "serve leftovers" to God (a pitiful little prayer at the end of the day before I got to sleep or serving Him when it doesn't put me out). In general, it has made me see that I generally play it safe when it comes to loving Him. It has led to some very honest conversations with God. But this book has also reminded me of his grace and His huge love that is bigger than all of my faults. So get it and read it if you need a shot in the arm.

Saturday night hoot

If you need a laugh, here it is....So it would NOT be fun to work with 5 people in one big room, but maybe I could handle it if it were this crew. Love how they get wackier as the song progresses & the one chicky who is actually doing work-too busy for this foolishness. Seeing this makes me miss the nutty crew I used to work with at Ramey.