My niece's painting party

My sister in Birmingham, Meg, asked me if I would head up a painting party for my niece Clara, who is turning 9. I was a little nervous but I said yes & it really was a blast. All their little personalities were so funny. Some were so meticulous & some were speeding through it so they just go ahead and eat some cake. We did a birdy collage. This is the poem my niece Clara wrote for the invitation, she's a mess. I have a new appreciation for my sweet friend Bridget over at Easely Amused.

My artist aunt named Sarah,
is coming to see me Clara,
We are going to paint,
I think I might faint.
Well I'm turning nine,
that's just divine!
What a fun day it will be,
when Clara turns nine, hey that's me!

grace's verse

This is for my friend Grace. She has such a sweet spirit & I'm thankful for her. She's the type friend, if she says she's praying for you, you know she is.

wedding invites!!!!

I had accumulated a stack of invites & finally got to them. Thanks for your patience, my friends!


I love this picture of them. Henry insisted getting up in Ruthie's crib and they were having so much fun rolling around in there together. Ruthie blends into the sheets with her dots.

outdoor life

Ruthie in the grass for the first time-what is this stuff?
My only garden life I keep, is my zinnias. Because they are hands down the easiest flowers to grow-just sprinkle the seeds and you barely have to water them.
Okay, so I looked out my window the other morning & didn't see any birds in this bird feeder but a small plot of grass growing there instead. Apparently the bird seed sprouted some lush grass. The birds weren't that hungry I guess.

dad turns 70, new orleans

A big & fun outing for me recently was going with my whole family (3 sisters & parents) to New Orleans to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday. He is looking at a scrapbook we made made for him: 70 memories of him, from serious to silly. My dad is a true one-of-a-kind. He's got loads of quirks, very loyal & loves his girls. It was a special weekend & my sisters & I were like birdies out of a cage-we couldn't believe it was happening!

mom & dad. mom is dad's #1 fan, always has been.
Here's our crew, I've got 3 sisters & they truly are my best friends. I can tell them anything-we are all very different. I thank God all the time for my sisters and my family.

Sistas on the streets. We did some serious walking & shopping. This shot shows their personality well-Meg is always into something & Polly is prob thinking-please not another picture & you better not put it on your blog. But they don't read my blog anyway, so they'll never know.