manze's step stool

Manze's sweet mama-Robin, ordered this for her. Mama said to make it funky & fun-hope this makes you smile, Manze. I had fun painting this for you!


fun with paint

so all was going well with our impromptu painting session until I turn step inside to get my camera & I come back out and Henry has moved from the paper to his body (he just wanted to make the shot more interesting for me). We need to do this more often, he literally painted for about 30 min, which is about 4 hours in toddler time.

happy house

I painted one of these for me & then decided to do a slew of them for the upcoming Christmas in July show. This is a "happy house" reminder to me, that I can choose to make my little household happy. That despite the fact that Ruthie sometimes likes to poop & spit-up on me, it shouldn't wreck my day. That each day with these babies is a gift & I want this house to be a place where Tim wants to come to at the end of the day. So that is my spill behind my cutesy little painting-BE HAPPY.

I put upholstery trim as an accent on these, I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. I'll have to show self-control and not put it on everything.

Oh & they can be personalized.

baby gift

4"x6" watercolor in acrylic frame


put your santa hat on

Avoid some of the Christmas hustle by shopping early (just don't forget WHERE you put the gifts between now and december, always my prob.) Mark your calendar for Tuesday, July 28, 3-8. Children's clothing, decor, photography, stationery, jewelry-liz henry, (will most likely spend my earnings here-beautiful things), ceramics, & my little things, etc. Come & bring your list!


morning has broken

I did this in memory of Sue Henry, a very special, loving woman who holds a special place in the hearts of all camp desoto women, especially my friend Jennifer. Love you jen, jen & have a good summer at camp, although I know it is hard without sue there.


easely amused

if you are in the area and haven't gone to easely amused (i felt like the last one to do so) for a painting session, please do. my friend bridget has started it up and it is such a fun night out. this chicky can do anything: paint, decor, piano-the superwoman of swank. i went with this sweet group of girls from bible study.

ruthie in the big easy

so hubby had to go for a meeting in n.o. & ruthie & i got to tag along!!!! how wonderful, i didn't think we'd be getting down there anytime soon. was bound and determined to eat some yummy food, so we strolled ruthie into nola for a yummy meal. truthfully, i didn't really even care if she cried (we would never see them again), i was just so excited about a night out! she was perfect.
apparently, i'm drawn to this bright yellow right now & this picture made me laugh because my shirt is the same of the wall.
i think ruthie wants a beignet.

ruthie girl

These shots were taken of Ruthie a couple of months ago by Will Jacks in Cleveland, MS-so talented and so very nice. Had to share. My friend Heather told me about him.

step stool

Thanks Robin for thinking of me for this gift! Hope Claire gets much use out of it!

wedding invite with collage detail

I embellished this wedding invite with cut paper and a metallic water wash of paint. And here it is ready to gift! Thanks, sweet Sherry for the order.

beach wedding invite watercolor

I started with the watercolor and then added some sand/crushed shell detail. Here is the wrapped view as well. Emily, hope your friend likes & thanks for letting me experiment with this one!