i heart mom

giving a shout-out to the moms in our little world:JoAnna (honey/Tim's mom) is such a wonderful mother-in-law, mother & grandmother-I am completely fortunate to have her. She stayed with us a week after Ruthie came and was such a great help. She was Henry's playmate the whole week and unfortunately on the last night of her stay a storm came through our area and toppled a tree on her shiny car. So sad, but so glad it did not hit the house (or Honey). She was so pooped by the end of her stay, she was calling Ruthie, Rosie-hee hee. We love you! So thankful for your sense of humor and your giving heart.
Margaret (my mom, Gigi). Ruthie was mom & dad's 10th grand, and each one is like her first! She is a loving model for me as "mom" and has dedicated her life to her husband (dad always came first, which is prob why they are still married and in luv) and her 4 girls & now our children. Love you, mom! 90% of the time I'm very glad to be so much like you, although there are some moments when it scares me (like when I say things that don't make sense or get confused). Kidding (kinda). Love you, Margaret Anne!

Tim, Henry, Ruthie & I love our moms & grandmoms.

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