owl + A

These are the 2 paintings I finished for my neighbor Amy (and one of henry's fave babysitters) who is graduating and going to Alabama this fall on a full ride-smart girl! She is from a wonderful family and we are completely blessed to have them across the street. The Brooks girls have been my sanity savers when I try to juggle my freelance gd work/painting and mommy role.

These 2 are a collage of pretty paper with layers of paint wash.


ruthie's baby announcement

here is the front, inside spread & back of ruthie's baby announce. fannie flagg's book-welcome to the world, baby girl is one of my favorite reads & always thought this title was so sweet. (would be a fab summer read) many people signed their little gift cards with this greeting to henry & ruthie as well.

i really enjoy designing baby announcements, if you'd like something custom for your little one-just be in touch. i don't have set prices for these-it is different each time i do them depending on size, detail, single panel, folded, etc.


at the beach

I'm out of town until Sunday, May 31-so if you email and I don't get back to ya. I'm not ignoring you, I'm probably am reading a book on the beach (hardly). It's all 22 of us of my family, pretty wild. Picture evening on the beach is the least favorite night-especially dreaded by the husbands (and the kids).


grad gift peek

i'm working this up for our neighbor who is about to graduate and go to alabama-henry's sweet babysitter. i've gotten into the collage mode, i'm still working on it...think it will be fun in her dorm room. if you have a special grad and to order something to match their room, let me know. or you could order a gift certificate. if you have an amount you'd like to spend, we could go from there...

twin monogram hangers

i made these paper collage wooden hangers for my neighbor whose daughter just had twins. the wooden block is sized at 5.5"x5.5" & 2" deep. They would be $35 each if your like to order one, they can be any color combo. they would work for any age, young or old.

bookmark boom

thanks so much for your bookmark orders, i hope your teachers enjoy them! i've really enjoyed working these up!


kd reunion t-shirt

The girls in my sorority are having a reunion this fall and here's the t design i did for it. Designing this T took me back to college, I did a few of the T-shirt designs for "swaps, sisterhood retreats, etc" because of course it wasn't a party without a t-shirt. Can't believe all that was 10 years ago. The most fun 5 years of my life, got to experience fun, silly sorority life and then artsy art department life. The best of both worlds.


lovely stamps

Some fabulous new stamps that are out. Just ordered a bunch online for Ruthie's little birth announcements. Don't you love them!

Dandy news: I've gotten a laminating machine and have been having lots of fun with it. Working on some new items: tags, laminated verse hangers, & whatever else I run through this thing. Also wanting to offer up some watercolor stationery...So many ideas bumping around in my head. We'll see what I can actually get to. Living with A.D.D. is tough stuff sometimes.


i heart mom

giving a shout-out to the moms in our little world:JoAnna (honey/Tim's mom) is such a wonderful mother-in-law, mother & grandmother-I am completely fortunate to have her. She stayed with us a week after Ruthie came and was such a great help. She was Henry's playmate the whole week and unfortunately on the last night of her stay a storm came through our area and toppled a tree on her shiny car. So sad, but so glad it did not hit the house (or Honey). She was so pooped by the end of her stay, she was calling Ruthie, Rosie-hee hee. We love you! So thankful for your sense of humor and your giving heart.
Margaret (my mom, Gigi). Ruthie was mom & dad's 10th grand, and each one is like her first! She is a loving model for me as "mom" and has dedicated her life to her husband (dad always came first, which is prob why they are still married and in luv) and her 4 girls & now our children. Love you, mom! 90% of the time I'm very glad to be so much like you, although there are some moments when it scares me (like when I say things that don't make sense or get confused). Kidding (kinda). Love you, Margaret Anne!

Tim, Henry, Ruthie & I love our moms & grandmoms.