easter and largen life

My table for Easter: love eggs, birdies, bunnies, spring colors, everything about this time of year.
Here is Ruthie (in the middle) with 2 of her baby boyfriends-they were sitting tight at this easter egg hunt. Reminded me of that Tostidos commercial when the ladies are having a playdate with the babies who are all asleep. Not roll around funny, but totally relatable.
My food craft for the year-we just aren't there yet for me to get motivated to do these type of cute food things often. But I did have fun doing these little rice krispy nests. Don't like and didn't have the coconut for the grass, so made do with icing I had on hand.
Henry getting handsy with the easter eggs. I think after our 3rd hunt, he started getting the hang of it and really likes to eat candy with the wrapper on.

Here's a failed attempt of a photo shoot with baby girl. Maybe she doesn't like being half naked and photographed. I have so many pictures of her crying, they make me laugh for whatever reason.

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