ruthie is here

We are so thankful to welcome our little girl-Ruthie, she arrive March 10 & is healthy and happy (most of the time). We didn't know how we'd make room in our hearts to love another child as much as little Henry man, but Ruthie has shown us this is possible.

Ruth was Tim's grandmother's name-his dad's mom. And Elizabeth is a family name on my side. I am part of a Bible study this year where we are studying women of the Bible. And one week we covered Ruth, as I was reading about this strong, optomistic, devoted woman-it made even more certain about giving her this name.
mom, me & ruthie. funny story, mom was in the birthing room with tim & me and tim put her on video camera duty (she was to catch the highlights, not like the birthing video you watch in 7th grade health class). anyway, mom is the least techy person i know & I was laughing between pushes at tim trying to give her a quick how-to. So it turns out mom was diligently videoing for about 30 min and had it on pause the whole time. It wasn't until Tim came up behind her at the ruthie clean-up station post-birth that he realized she still had it on pause. oh, well. I wasn't on as much pain meds this time, so the experience will surely stay in my brain!
here's baby girl in her pank.
Snacks for the hospital room.
Here is her little door hanger at the hospital with her stats.


more largen life

Okay, 2 little ones in diapers is interesting, lots of poo & I've got the picture to prove it.
henry has done well with the new little sister. the only thing is that he does like to chew on a pacifier when he sees ruthie with hers. i don't think he even remembers how to use the paci-he gave it up at 6 months. he usually gnaws on the wrong side of it. if this all he's doing so far, totally fine with me. i'm proud of him.

the painting i did for baby girl's room. goodness, i was finishing it the week before she came. birds were the theme for henry's room & I was sure crazy for birds & now she gets dandelions.

henry meeting ruthie for the first time back at home & him trying to palm her head.