Recent work

A watercolor invite commissioned by my very talented graphic design friend-Meredith.
This was a single invite I created for a birthday girl's 40th party weekend. It was hand-delivered to inform her of the surprise weekend away with the girls. A fun little project for a very sweet birthday girl! Also with it is the "logo" for the celebration-notepads, napkins and such were printed up using this mark. The flower was taken from a floral wallpaper pattern she has in her home.

Above is a painting I did for my nephew, Mont, who is 5. These are his fave things & my sister said it got an "awesome". Love you, Mont-so glad you like!
A step stool commissioned by my friend Sissy for a new baby boy. Thanks for the order, Sissy!

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MJShapley said...

Puh-lease, Sarah!!! YOU are the super talented one! I wish I could do what you do! You are a Super Mom! I lurve the painting! Can't wait to give it to 'em! Your the greatest!!!! THANK YOU!!!!