Holiday memories

My fabulous in-laws rented a beach house for the Christmas week and the Largens gathered up there-it was great. You're lucky to get the back view of me and all my prego grandness.
Had to remember this. This is one of the only presents hubby wrapped-it was so hilarious. He claims Henry was distracting him. But it was a great gift inside, so I didn't care about the wrapping. He has an accounting background, his little wrapping jobs are usually very tidy and precise.
Henry man looking warm in his hat.
I broke down and got him an Elmo. It is like the highlight of our Wal-Mart trips, to spot the Elmo aisle. How does Elmo do it & lure all these kiddies?
The 4 wisemen. Our neighbors have this very alluring nativity set in the front yard. We spent much time hanging with the nativity family this year.


Russ, Anna and Pepper said...

Henry is getting sooo big and very handsome! Glad your pregnancy is going well, will be here before you know it. Man, time flies!!!

Jessica & Clif Barnes said...

Very precious pictures. And whatever... you don't even look pregnant. I'm excited for y'all and know that you are ready for her to be here.