angel friend

This 5x5 chunky angel canvas is inspired by my fun, sweet, thoughtful, creative friend Mandy-for her birthday. She's been a friend since college and always makes me laugh. I'm laughing now thinking about silly Mandy things (your beloved fart machine, yours & sarah's batesville stories, New Year's Eve in Memphis, Dallas {i think}, Atlanta & NYC). Love ya, chicky! We are the 2 on the right below. The other two girlies are sarah b. & christy f.-all sweet friends from college. We lived together our 5th year in this great house (little funky now, thinking back on it), but at the time we thought it was fabulous. I think this was some sort of graduation party we had in our front yard. We are gathering up for a girls trip in Memphis soon and I'm soooo looking forward to it.

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The Holmes said...

The angels are great!