Holiday Cheer

Too funny not to share & too funny not to shell out $20 for two 4"x6" prints of it. Santa had all sorts of tricks for us to do, but Henry was on to us. Santa suggested me holding Henry with my back to him & walk backwards so Henry doesn't see Santa and then just kinda drop him in the lap and scoot out of the way. And above was the result.
We have this Japanese maple in the backyard and it has the prettiest red leaves for a few weeks. Here is a more serene Henry enjoying nature in his Santa suit.

I hope you all can take some time to enjoy this month. I know it is so crazy for everyone. I'm loving this Christmas song by Amy Grant-I Need a Silent Night, here is a link to the lyrics. Download it at Itunes. It is great song and sums up the hustle of the holidays and the need to slow down and think about our most precious gift we've been given.

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heather short said...

Great Photo!!! Anderson did the same thing with Santa.. It made me sad that I couldn't get all three of my kids together with Santa, but he was screaming to much!

I loved seeing your house and your mom in the photos.. that brought back so many memories for me!

Everyone is in love my Christmas Cards... Next year you have to put your email address on them.. I have people calling me and asking who did them!

I loved your card also! That little Henry is precious!